What borrowing solutions for low-income households?

You want to become an owner, but you have modest resources. There are credit solutions to support the purchase of your main residence. Like the loan under the agreement and the loan for social accession. Devices which can be supplemented by regulated loans at very advantageous rates. Presentation of all these aids.

What do we mean by “approved loans”?

What do we mean by “approved loans”?

Allocated without any means test by all the banks having concluded an agreement with the State, the loan agreed (PC) is intended for the purchase of a first real estate or for the financing of works of improvement of housing. It does not require any personal contribution, can be subscribed for a period of 5 to 35 years, before a rate capped depending on the type of property.

If its interest rate is traditionally higher than a conventional mortgage, the PC offers other advantages to consider:

  • In case of purchase (only), the possible granting of Personalized Housing Assistance (APL), subject to the means test, and the amount of which varies according to the nature of the property and the composition of the family.
  • A reduced mortgage guarantee, since the land advertising tax is exempt.
  • Reduced notary fees ( notary fees and fees)

What is “Social Accession Loan” (PAS)?

What is “Social Accession Loan” (PAS)?

If the Social Accession Loan is also an approved loan, it differs from the classic formula in that it is means-tested and can only be intended for the purchase of the main residence, whether new or old.

Again, this solution has a slightly higher interest rate than a conventional loan, but this fact must be balanced by the systematic granting of APLs, paid by the Family Allowance Fund, whose access conditions target specifically the beneficiaries of the SAP.

In addition, like the PC, this loan benefits from reduced notary fees and a lower mortgage cost.

What is “Zero Rate Loan” (PTZ +)?


As its name suggests, the zero plus rate loan is a 0% credit, granted to all first-time buyers, subject to means. There are simulators, to calculate the amount and duration of the PTZ + according to your personal situation.

In all cases, it may not exceed 40% of the total cost of the operation (the price of the property, insurance included, negotiation fees). In fact, it can complement a PAS or a PC.

The repayment duration of the PTZ + depends on three factors: income, household composition and the geographic area of ​​the purchase. By following the principle that the fewer resources, the longer the duration granted.

It is important to remember that no application fees, or expertise fees, or even interest can be collected on these loans.

In addition, the accommodation must remain the principal residence of the borrower for the first 6 years.

Please note, if the loans under the agreement (including the PAS) cannot be supplemented by a conventional mortgage, there are other co-financing solutions. Like the PTZ +, but also the Action Logement loan (formerly 1% Housing), the loan for civil servants or the Housing Savings Loan.

Anyone wishing to acquire their home can benefit from various financing possibilities. Solutions exist to allow everyone to buy real estate.

The financial aspects of a transaction are multiple and sometimes complex… The usefulness of a credit specialist has become obvious…

The best approach is to rely on the expert hands of a mortgage broker, so that he can express all his know-how, to produce an optimal financial package.

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