Details of Marriage Loan

Support for marriages continues without slowing down in order to decrease the divorce rate to bottom levels and also to make population planning easily. We know that all banks provide these supports and in addition, Good Credit Bank has activated many different services under the heading of state-sponsored marriage loans.

In addition, Good Credit Participation Bank offers an opportunity such as halal marriage money up to 40 thousand USD in accordance with Islamic conditions. The marriage money given by Good Credit Bank is given due to the situations such as being able to cover the expenses of newly married couples, overcoming the problems that they encounter while stepping into a new life, eliminating financial problems, etc. Naturally, young couples withdrawing credit can use their money without any problems.

Details of Marriage Loan

Details of Marriage Loan

Good Credit Bank offers interest-free loans for loans drawn between 3 thousand USD and 5 thousand USD for use in expenses required for marriage preparation. As a dowry aid, 5 thousand USD cash is given separately.

Moreover, support funds are given by the state provided that the dowry account opened through Good Credit Bank is deposited with a minimum of 105 USD each month for a total of 3 years, and a maximum of 1000 USD.

The support money to be given is 4 thousand 223 USD in total for those who open a 36-month term account, 48 thousand term accounts are given 4 thousand 750 USD state aid at the end of maturity. People with dowry accounts with a maturity of 60 months or more earn 15 thousand USD in state support.

How to Get a State Supported Marriage Loan?

How to Get a State Supported Marriage Loan?

Marriage support loans are given by Good Credit Bank in 2 different ways. The first is to open a dowry account and the other is given as a loan.

A lower interest rate is activated for those who want to take out loans compared to standard general-purpose loans. At the same time, low-interest loans are offered to individuals by Good Finance and Good Lender.

A specific date range was said for couples to use state-sponsored marriage loans. This date range was determined by Good Credit Bank at the beginning of May and the end of September. In other words, we recommend that you apply within these dates, otherwise you will not be able to take advantage of the loan facility.

What are the Required Documents?


The compulsory documents that young people who want to use for their dowry account or wedding loans should have with them are as follows;

Agricultural Marriage Loan for Those Who Say I Have No Money To Marry

  • In the absence of a Turkish identity card or identity card, the Turkish Republic No, passport and driver’s license are also accepted.
  • The address declaration to be received from the headmen or population directorates,
  • Electricity, natural gas, water or telephone bills for the last 3 months.

Credit application personally you need to go to the branch. Notarized documents and proxy appointments are not accepted and in addition, online applications are not accepted in any way.

Marriage Loan and Dowry Mixing

Especially among young people to get married, these two issues are quite confused. There are people who think that dowry account and marriage loan are the same. However, we need to know that both financing supports are different issues when it comes to its place and subject.

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